It’s the summer, and as we are all aware, music season.



There are thousands of college students who will attend and have attended hundreds of concerts and music festivals throughout the summer so far, and who will continue to do so until school and university starts back up for them.

It is a great season, and these are friendly events to go to and enjoy.  There is a concert or festival for pretty much every demographic now.

While not legal in many states, attendees to such concerts and venues will smoke marijuana and use other illicit substances.

People will bring their own alcohol and they will buy it from the venue they are in, if they are legally allowed to do so, and sometimes if they are not.

The issue with this season is that as this story from Ohio indicates, there is not enough awareness about the dangers involved with THC, the psycho-active ingredient in pot.

Twenty-four individuals were hospitalized after ingesting a substance that had a high level of THC in it.  Marijuana as it existed in the 1960’s did not have high levels of THC — today’s pot does with upwards or 15% to nearly 30% THC. And edibles like the gummy bears that have landed an increasing number of children in the emergency room are laced with nearly pure THC.

The more THC one consumes, the more severe and frequent the bad effects become as these 24 individuals can attest.

The question becomes, did these individuals know what they were consuming, or did they know the potential effects that would come as a result?  If the answer to either of these questions is no, then as a society, we need to do better at letting people know about the dangers of THC as highlighted by the extreme problems being caused by high-THC edibles.




  1. MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. – Spice is originally sold as an incense, but has now swept the military community with controversy as a ‘legal’ designer drug. However, Marine Corps Order 5355.1, issued Jan. 27, directly prohibits the use, distribution, sale and possession of it and others like it. (Courtesy photo)